Pedalboard Sunday #3

Next Sunday, next step! We actually started building the final board. With all measurements ready at ahnd, it was an easy task: Building a box. Or let’s say, a frame. Four sides glued together with a dovetail joint.

First, Stephe cut the sides:

Then, it was time to cut out the tails and joints of the dovetail. Stephen used a gauge to do that:

That done, some glue, some hammering, done.
Now we have to wait till the glue has dried.

et voilà:

this is the basic box after the first session

Next session, we will do the bottom plate and cut off the lid from the bottom part.
I am already quite behind my earlier goal to write every week. But that is due to the fact that we were supposed to meet every Sunday to build and that the last two Sundays Stephen had to cancel our sessions because he was too busy with other stuff he had going on. Anyway, it looks good for this Sunday! I just hope we will finish before Christmas, haha.

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