• morning jam #5 hologram arp stutter

    another morningjam, had some fun with a dope loop created with double bass and the microcosm. feeding that into strymon delay, chase bliss reverb, ottobit and tensor is endless fun. still struggling with the video editing and stuff.

  • launchpad madness

    I am totally going bonkers…… how is it possible such a simple task does not work. I want to use a launchpad (page, custom mode whatever you call it) as a 8×8 matrix. When pressed , a note on or a cc should be send, the LED stays on. Pressed again, note off or cc is send LED goes off.
    But I just can’t get it to work.

    but while researching I found other cool stuff relating to launchpad and LED. Did you know that there are launchpad artists out there? musically not my cup of tea, but I realised that is really cool stuff you can do with the launchpad. as soon as I found a solution for my problem I’ll dig into launchpad lightshows deeper at some point
  • Mo’ Better Blues

    There are many cool loopartists out there and I got inspired by Binkbeats. I used his looperscript binklooper. It is quite complex and challenging but it is really cool, then it opens up the world of ableton and live looping. I did a looper arrangment of one of my favourite songs “Mo Better Blues”, which Daniel Stelter showed me. He just released another mindblowing beautiful album by the way…..
    Enjoy your day and have a good start into the week.

    #looping #binklooper #binkbeats #mobetterblues #americanmusic #doublebass #bowing #effects #tensor #redpandalab #mtlasb #856 #zellersasn

  • morningjam #4

    today’s morning jam. gettin into it again. I fooled around a little bit with the supapuss connected to the zellersasn 856 as a startiing point. after that I layed out a drone on the tensor and played on top some random scales. next is to bring ableton into the game and check where that gets me. you like it?
    #moringjam #pedals #jazz #masterstudies #856 #zellersasn #mtlasb #tensor #redpandalab #supapuss #wayhuge #practising #scales

  • morningjam #3

    Today’s #morningjam.I finally try to wrap my head around odd meters. so the little loop today’s turned out in five. Tried to find a melody. Not satisfied but gotta move on for today. Have a great day!