in every end the is a beginning within

user action source code

my user actions I wrote for my setup in Python within ClyphX Pro

Future Plans

session with Markus Birkle

working on the setup in the bandvan while on tour

.....or how to get most out of sitting in the back of a van when you actually developing a complex setup.

Robert Landfermann

Lesson with Robert Landfermann

I met two times with Robert and we had inspiring conversations and exchange of thoughts

I wrote my first Max for Live Device

I lost my anxiety against Max 4 Live!

escargots de l’espace – scripted looping with ClyphX Pro

How to implement an arrangment with my developed setup

The upside of (almost) loosing a cubase dongle

Reducing your options often lead to find new solutions.......

Midifighter Twister & ClyphX Pro

How you set up the Midi Fighter Twister with the Help of ClyphX Pro to be integrated perfectly in your Setup