It is already February; time is flying. Concerts are picking up again and I have got two upcoming tours with singers which will keep me really busy in the remaining time preceding my graduation concert. Developing and refining my setup turned out to be much more time-consuming than expected.
Being on tour means spending many hours on a bus and backstage, but also away from home and the studio. I had to think about how I could continue working on my setup while being on tour. The thing I probably like the most about Ableton and ClyphX Pro is the flexibility: You can quickly adapt to different situations without having to start from scratch.
I obviously could not take my whole setup on tour, nor the pedals or interface. But, fortunately, a great thing with TotalMix is that it works even without a connected interface. I took my smallest launchpad and programmed its three custom modes according to the other controllers I usually use (a Launchpad X and a Footcontroller FCB1010. I assigned my different CXP control scripts in Ableton to the same launchpad. Then, I just have to switch custom modes on the Launchpad. I even have those 2 expression pedals to check if they are routed correctly.

Now I can reprogram, re-arrange my launchpads and script my looping procedures while sitting in the back of the van. I am really satisfied and relieved it works so well. #tourlife, here I come!

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