I met twice with Robert and we had inspiring conversations and exchanges of thoughts.

these were my questions

  • What unusual playing techniques could I use?
  • What were your influences?
  • Recommendations on music to listen to
  • thoughts on looping.


Recommendations and influences:

Playing techniques: (sound examples will follow)

  • don’t press fingers totally to get overtones above the string (Pic!).
  • turn the bow around and bow with the wood
  • press the string over the fingerboard
  • pull the string from the side, touching the fingerboard and bow with great force

thoughts on looping

In our conversation he mentioned one thought, which stood out to me: When a loop plays, it should modulate over time to stay interesting.
That inspired me to write a user action which randomises the start and end point of loops in ableton and another user action put these markers back to their original position.

morning jam

I did a morningjam with the techniques I learned with him, see here

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