In this research I was given the possibility to chase a dream of building my perfect looper and guitar effect pedal station.

This was only possible because I hade massive support. I am forever grateful and want to say thank you to:

my wife and daughter for unconditional love and support. They did not see me very often, because I spend most of my day and night time in the basement in the past two years. I can not imagine how I would have been able to do this.

thanks to my teacher Matthias, not only was he very helpful and competent, it was his positive attitude and feedback which encouraged me to go all the way and strengthened my confidence.

Thank you, John Goldsby. He is a walking encyclopaedia and his insights into the history of double bass playing were priceless.

A big shoutout to the community around ClyphX Pro, Fabian, Darren and foremost Jason, who helped me a great deal with my first user_actions and Max for Live devices.

a big thank you to Michael Terividian of der Gestalter who made my blog look nice and shiny

thanks to Jo Kox and everybody at the Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg, the granted me a generous scholarship for the work on my research.

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