things to do

After writing so much about what I did, I now want to tell you about what ideas I have got for future developments.

From an artistic standpoint, my aim is to play more with this setup and make music. Because it is big and takes some time to build up and pack, I imagine there is potential for an online community where I can perform.

However, there are many things I want to re-program and implement:

Matrix 2.0

I already wrote how the first matrix came together. Just like in the movie, it needs an update from the ground up. I want to store and handle all the date either in a 2 dimensional array, a dictionary or I might even rewrite it as classes

Either way, this would give me much more flexibility. I could even store preset names, presets for pedals etc. with 1 matrix setting. This way I could have a "Total recall" possibility.

But it also means, I have to go through EVERYTHING I programmed so far. I can only do this, if I take 2 weeks off, where I don’t have to make music with it.

Retrospective looping

The way my loop recording works at the moment: I press a button, then my machine records. With retrospective looping, it is the other way round. The machine records all the time, when I press a button, it makes a loop out of what I just played.
The first person I saw doing this was Lucky Paul, a percussionist from New Zealand.
It takes off a lot of stress, when you improvise and think: "oh, that was nice." and the press of button later, as it is preserved.

Presets for ambient improvisations

Similar to the matrix 2.0 I plan to have pre-made starting environments for my setup.

OSC / Tablet

At the moment I use my tablet for the display of information, as the connection of my OSC system was unreliable at the beginning. I became a member of "Beardyman" Patreon. He built and re-built his setup for live-looping-beatboxing for the last 12 years. I uses four iPads, all with Lemur, (a similar programm to TouchOSC) and Ableton Live.
With an iPad you have much more possibilities to control things as well as visual feedback.
This as well will require a kind of total re-work.

but for now

Let’s make some great music, shall we?

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